learn to drive under 17s

Pre learner driving lessons & training for under 17s in Cumbria.

Learn to drive in a controlled environment with less nerves and less distractions.

It can be a nervous experience learning to drive on the road with traffic and other new distractions. Also there are very few places you can legally learn from the age of 14-17.

Fun, Safe & Legal

learn to drive safely off road before taking your new skill onto the road.not just for 14-17 year olds.Suitable for anyone that's rather nervous about going out onto the road,it's a good way of building confidence and control of the car before going out onto the road.
With the use of a 60 hectare Tarmac driving layout you will learn how to control and manouvre the car with confidence.

  • Firstly pupils will be shown the controls of the car and how they work
  • How to position your seat to suit yourself remember your seat belt!
  • We'll discuss the pedals,accelerator ,brake clutch,the gears and how to change gear,the handbrake and how to use.
  • How to set your mirrors and when to use them also the use of signals.
  • You'll learn how to move off safely and then come to a stop
  • How to change gear,both up and down
  • How to steer properly using DSA approved steering technique
off road driving in cumbria

There is a comprehensive road layout so you can practice: junctions turning to the left and right, also emerging to left and right.
You can practice hill starts and emergency stops, You can do all the manoeuvres required for test such as a turn in the road, parking and reversing.

Don't forget - learning to drive doesn't have to be daunting - so let me help put you at ease and build your confidence before you are ready to use your new skills on the road.

Gift Vouchers Available

If you are looking for a friend or family member why not treat them to a training gift voucher. Learning to drive is an exciting experience and one that is not forgotten.